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Jessy Kate Schingler

Open Lunar Foundation

Jessy Kate is a founding board member and Director of Policy and Governance research at the Open Lunar foundation. Open Lunar aims to advance peaceful and cooperative lunar settlement through the design of public goods, physical infrastructure, and institutions that position the Earth and Moon as a system. The Moon can also help us to bring new thinking to governance on Earth, where our institutions are failing to meet the demands of human activity at unprecedented scale, connectivity and resource consumption. With her other hat, Jessy Kate helps to run District Commons, a non profit targeting literacy and empowerment in constitutional level governance and institution design. District Commons supports projects prototyping new approaches to commons management, sustainability, and participatory decision making. Jessy Kate’s work draws on a background in software engineering, where she has worked on protocol design for distributed systems, networking for cloud computing at NASA, and embedded flight software for rockets at Astra.

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