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May 1, 2020
Somewhere in the Mojave Desert
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May 1-7, 2030
51.6˚N 9.3˚W, The Moon
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The unconvention for the space settlement community™

We are a diverse network of entrepreneurs who are providing an open platform to encourage and challenge the thought leaders, innovators, decision-makers and visionaries of today’s biomanufacturing industry to unconventionally strategize for sustainability on Earth and off-planet.

Past participants

Some of our community includes

Featured Speakers

Chris McKay
Steve Jurvetson
Payam Banazadeh
Barbara Belvisi
Esther Dyson
Thor Halvorssen
Tom Kalil
Jessy Kate Schingler
Jason Kelly
Ursheet Parikh
Uma Valeti
Melodie Yashar
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