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May 1, 2020
Somewhere in the Mojave Desert
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May 1, 2020
Mojave Desert
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"I'm excited to be a part of this new community of entrepreneurs & investors who are going to make space settlement a reality within my lifetime."
George Church
Harvard & MIT
"BetaSpace brings a new, broader vision to humanity's journey into space. Founded by John Cumbers, a biologist and former NASA engineer, it focuses not just on technology, but our need to cultivate the resources necessary to get off our planet & to flourish outside Earth's familiar environment."
Esther Dyson
"For humanity to grow & thrive, we need to look at new technologies to allow us to grow new consumer goods, materials & habitats. BetaSpace is at the cutting edge of what's possible now & what will be possible in the near future."
Eben Bayer
"The distance between imagination & creation has never been as narrow. BetaSpace is working to further close the gap."
Bryan Johnson
OS Fund / Kernel

The unconvention for the space settlement community™

We are a diverse network of entrepreneurs who are providing an open platform to encourage and challenge the thought leaders, innovators, decision-makers and visionaries of today’s biomanufacturing industry to unconventionally strategize for sustainability on Earth and off-planet.
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Kim Stanley Robinson
Payam Banazadeh
Barbara Belvisi
Esther Dyson
Thor Halvorssen
Steve Jurvetson
Tom Kalil
Jessy Kate Schingler
Jason Kelly
Chris McKay
Ursheet Parikh
Uma Valeti
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